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Meet the Organizers

Chad Carleton @ChadCarleton

Chad is a natural leader whose avant-garde approach to business has landed him on the front-line of building a startup community. Chad strives to learn, improve, and help others succeed. Above all, Chad's entrepreneurial spirit rests on the belief that success is not built on the backs of others, rather by standing shoulder to shoulder.

Deborah Bellotti @DebBellotti

Deborah has over 20 years experience in the insurance industry as an independent insurance agency owner. After successfully selling the agency she opened a bistro style restaurant with her daughter. They were nominated for Women Entrepreneur of the year in 2014. Deborah understands the challenges a new business faces.

Devin Dillon @Devindillon

Devin Dillon is a connective, global, lean entrepreneur. Devin's innovative marketing and brokering skills have brought new products together in a variety of alternative, consumer-driven business environments.

Philip Baird

Sterling Huff Jr @HuffSterling

Sterling has over 30 years of experience as a banking executive and private sector entrepreneur. He has been involved in numerous community leadership roles in higher education and other not-for-profits. Huff understands the 1MC community from daily business as a banker and the due diligence required of an investor.

Past Organizers
Rick Thomas @Ricklanethomas

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Past Presenters

2B Organized


We are professional organizing firm, started right here in Springfield, MO! We've helped hundreds of clients across the country, from individuals, to ABC's Extreme Home Makeover and A&E's Hoarders! 2B-Organized specializes in space design, time management, and expediting your workflow; all while organizing your needs! We've got our ducks in a row to begin franchising, and we want to hear what the 1MC community thinks!

SwingStow, LLC


Swing Stow is a provider of versatile, compact, high-capacity shelving and organizational systems. We have gotten lots of positive feedback regarding our design and we are currently looking to license our idea. We're presenting at 1MC to get feedback on our design and its application possibilities.

SATO48 - Springfield And The Ozarks 48-Hour Film Challenge


SATO48 is a movie-making challenge wherein teams compete in creating a five-minute short film in 48 hours. None of the teams know what their film must be about until they all open, simultaneously, a secret envelope (the "Inspiration Package"). With their "Inspiration Package," the teams get to work conceiving, scripting, shooting, editing, and delivering. All completed Films are screened at The Moxie, the best get a worldwide audience, and some receive cash prizes at the Awards Ceremony.

Smooth Transitions of SWMO


We are the relocation, downsizing and estate dispersal experts. We take the stress out of moving and anything related. Senior services are becoming a main focus in the USA as our population ages. We are at the forefront of the aging baby boomers needs. We have the answers. Most people only move a few times and don't know all the ends and outs. Most people only disperse an estate once in a lifetime. There are many things to know to do it right. The trusted and safe resources available to solve this problem are not well known. We have put together a creative solution for these people.

Love Local Buy Local


Business serves to support local businesses, give customers tools and incentives to find and frequent great spots, preserve our local 'flavor' and keep our hard-earned dollars here, where they belong. I designed the business to be a win-win for business owners and customers alike. (There is not enough room here to fully explain! Please visit the website for more information)



We are an intelligent & personalized personal assistant that helps people manage their time & create habits. We use user inputs, our AI, and behavior patterns to remind users of tasks & habit steps when they are free, how they want, and where they want. Individuals can either start their own goals or follow one of our habit tracks. Our habit tracks are goals filled with specific tasks and steps and information how to complete them. Basically we remove the barriers of maximizing your time.

Cindy Lu Books


Cindy Lu Books is a unique growing selection of children's books that captivate, relate, and ultimately teach children through stories critical aspects about life and growing up. Giving them the tools they need to be safe, have fun, invigorate their imagination, or how to be a great friend. This is a new approach on how to educate, empower, and heal our children. We're back to share all the progress we've made!



Peanuted makes it fun and simple to send surprise packages to your friends and family while helping out your favorite charity at the same time!

StepNpull KRM Innovations, Inc.


We are the inventors and manufacturers of StepNpull. StepNpull mounts on the bottom corner of a latch less commercial door (e.g. public restroom door), and it gives the user the option of pulling the door open with their foot instead of touching the door handle.

The Ozarks SySTEAMic Coalition; O-STEAM


A nonprofit promoting science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math throughout the entire Ozarks region. We are building an online platform for business/industry/manufacturing, preK-12th grades, higher education, and afterschool/informal communities to propel and promote the Ozarks citizens as a highly skilled S.T.E.A.M. workforce. We are putting an emphasis on the STEAM industry working with education to better prepare the future needs of innovation and entrepreneurship in our area.

Acts Of Good, LLC


"The Acts of Good Journal" is a hand crafted book / journal that "pays it forward" in a unique way. How It Works: 1.Buy a journal & register it online 2.Complete an Act of Good for someone & give that person the journal / Yes, literally give it to them. 3.Follow Along: You can follow / track where the journal goes after you pass it on 4.You Get It Back: After all 12 Acts are completed, the journal is mailed back to you filled with the stories of where it went, what it did & the lives touched along the way.

CrowdIt, LLC


CrowdIt is a revolution in crowd funding! A web based Rewards & Incentives crowdfunding platform in which “Dreamers” submit projects to crowdit.com & “Believers” can then pledge to give support to those projects & help make dreams come true. At CrowdIt we believe everyone at some point in their life has had a dream that never came true due to a lack of capital, now with the help of CrowdIt those dreams can be a reality. We ask address the number one reason for failure, experience!

Tubular Signs


A new inovative sign design for all of business . Areal estate style sign. Our website best describes us.

Ikthoos, LLC


We provide trusted connections to biblically committed Christian organizations such as Churches, Missionaries, Non-Profits, and Christians in business.

Locals Love Us


Locals Love Us is a group of people who believe that there is a lot to love in every community, but that it’s not always easy to find. Our world of constant negative news and online attacks can cause us to lose sight of what we really love about where we live. Our passion is to sift through the noise, discover what the locals love and then let everyone know about it. We call it sharing the love.

Alumni Spaces


Alumni Spaces offers online tools used by alumni associations and their local chapters that help them share their message and communicate online to better serve their alumni. On the local level, chapters have a stronger web presence with our easy-to-use website platform and custom templates. At the national level, administrators have a better understanding of their member base with actionable reports generated from the data members enter into their local chapter's website.

The newest and fastest growing genre of entertainment: 5D escape rooms! 60 minutes to figure out the clues and decipher codes to get out of a themed room with your family, friends, co-workers, or school group.

Air Filter On Demand


Air Filter On Demand is a HVAC filter subscription company that offers the best quality air filters on the market. People forget to change their air filters every month and that can severely damage their HVAC system, cause air flow problems, and raise electrical bills. With our subscription you will receive an Air Filter every month, which will double the life expectancy of your HVAC system, give you the best air flow, reduce allergies in your home and save tons of money in electricity costs.

Purveyors of gourmet dates and date products. Organic, Kosher, Vegan and delectable products including Date Syrup, Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Sauce and packed dates.

Core23 Biotechnology aka Core23 Biobank


We are a hybrid blood bank in Springfield that combines aspects of both the public and private cord blood banking systems. In fact, we are the only private cord blood banking system (family banking) within a 500-mile radius of our location—providing families across the Midwest an easy, safe and secure opportunity to save, or donate, their baby’s umbilical cord blood and cord tissue. Looking to the 1MC community to cultivate relationships with key business leaders, participate in the development of many great ideas, companies, and individuals.

The Mystery Hour


The Mystery Hour is "Springfield's Best and Only Late Night Talk Show." Featuring host, Jeff Houghton, The Mystery Hour can be thought of as a Tonight Show for the Ozarks. The show airs weekly on FOX 5 and is filmed monthly in front of a live studio audience at the Gillioz Theatre. There is nothing like it in the area, and very few across the nation. The show originally started as a non-televised show in 2006, and started a new chapter as an actual show on actual television in 2012.

Make Money With Bob - The Bottom Line on Entrepreneurship


Bob Gourley is a Missouri State Alumni, Veteran, Fortune 500 advisor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and the author of the business book Make Money for Bob: The Bottom Line On Entrepreneurship. Bob has owned and operated companies in industries as diverse as food brokerage, meatpacking, beer distribution, graphic design/printing, banking, retail photo lab operations, natural gas distribution, and a variety of investment partnerships. He comes to 1MC to share his "Real World" experience with today's entrepreneurs.

Realvolve, LLC


Realvolve, a state-of-the-art customer relationship management (CRM) system built expressly for real estate agents. Realvolve has a simple mission: help real estate agents and brokers build strong, predictable, and sustainable businesses.

Advantage Pro Sports


We are a Race Belt company that has created the Worlds Fastest Race Belt for triathlons.

Arts & Letters is a boutique and art gallery which features locally produced jewelry, clothing, artwork and unique gifts, as well as providing the community with an array of specialized language and art courses and workshops. We also host cultural events.

Mission Statement DreamIT MakeIT will create a community of creatively driven individuals who will learn, teach, create new opportunities, and inspire others to do the same. What We Do DreamIT MakeIT will provide a makerspace where people of all ages can come to collaborate, innovate and create. Our makerspace will provide the community with a place to imagine and create any project, big or small, using machinery for woodworking and metalworking, laser cutters, 3-D printers, electronics, and more.

Fresh&Blended is a B2B operation that sells smoothie vending machines. Our unique machines allow the consumer to choose from a variety of smoothie flavors and have it freshly blended, leaving them with a healthy fruit smoothie. These smoothies are nutritious and healthy, and unlike anything on the market now. We sell the machines to established vending machine companies to help them offer a healthier alternative to their locations. We then sell the inventory for those machines to the companies.

SIVI is a gamified platform for activating entrepreneurs. By merging academic science with engaging design and social technology, SIVI will identify and develop aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. SIVI’s LaunchLeader product combines e-learning with activity-based challenges and rewards entrepreneurs with tangible resources. Created by experienced startup founders, SIVI’s mission is to become the global standard for qualifying entrepreneurs.

Spirit Factory


Spirit Factory, the creator of the Spirit Box, provides custom merchandise and apparel to schools. The Spirit Box is an automated retail kiosk (vending machine) that dispenses custom school merchandise (iPhone cases, ear buds, apparel, sunglasses, etc.). The Spirit Box is managed by business/marketing students within the school, and solves many challenges/pain points by offering 24/7 availability, credit card acceptance, mobility etc. Program includes curriculum/lesson plans that meet national standards.

Bodacious Cases, LLC


Bodacious Cases is a cell phone case company that currently offers an all-in-one, water-resistant, two-piece snap-together, 100% American made case for the iPhone 4/4s, 5 and 5s. We also have a camouflage line called “camBo” that is currently available in 3 designs. These designs are real photos taken of our Missouri Century Farm, meaning they’re not digital or fake–they’re real pictures taken from real trees. Unlike other camouflage cases, we have print on the front and back, not just the back.

Real Estate Guardian


The Real Estate Guardian was created by working directly with real estate professionals for real estate professionals. It is designed primarily to ensure that the agent’s liability is all but removed by tracking each transaction from acceptance to closing to ensure that all the critical dates and timeframes are met. There is no need to waste valuable time digging into a file to see if a transaction is on track. With the Real Estate Guardian all that information will be available at the tap of a finger.

Dozen Ideas & The Eggsperience


Dozen Ideas will provide workforce development opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The Eggsperience, a subsidiary of DI, will offer assembled eggs for Easter, special events, and advertising opportunities throughout the year.

Moon City Creative District


This is not a company, but rather a district in a neighborhood in north Springfield that is being created by the residents and the City to encourage entrepreneurial artists. The Moon City Creative District (MCCD) is intended a vibrant, unique and livable area that provides a wide range of arts, cultural, employment and living opportunities for artists, artisans, residents, workers and visitors and supports the continued revitalization of the Woodland Heights Neighborhood.



Honey-Roasted, Gluten-free Granola in two sizes and 4 flavors! We sell in at stores in Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, Marshfield and Kansas City. We also sell on-line and at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks. We just changed our recipe and label for a whole new look, added a distributor and are setting our sites on vending and large on-line wholesalers. Our first 1 Million Cups presentation got us into Kansas City; we're hoping a second time gets us a regional or even nation-wide presence.

Heavy Heart Apparel


Heavy Heart Apparel is a distinct, eclectic brand which focuses on making a difference in local communities and other organizations worldwide. By contributing a portion of proceeds to a charity of the month, all customers are given the opportunity to have a "heavy heart" for those in need. With a focus on love, compassion, and giving, Heavy Heart is a brand that represents impact and making a difference through everyday apparel.

Bradford Tech, LLC


Bradford Tech LLC is the parent company for one product, The Cap Ninja. It's a simple tool created to solve a simple problem experienced by women across the world...stuck nail polish bottle caps. A universal design allows it to fit nearly every nail polish bottle on the market.



Txt2Give is a powerful text donation platform that makes giving as easy as sending a simple text. Donors text the amount they want to give to an organization’s unique giving number, and the donation is charged to a credit card. Our innovative approach allows things like designated and recurring giving, all while keeping the donor in the context of a text conversation.

Cien Solutions LLC


Cien Solutions is a global distribution and contracting company. The company connects emerging markets with established manufactures, suppliers, integrators, and the resources needed for commercial and industrial applications. Current solutions focus on alternative power supplies, electrical engineering, and chemical applications in the Gulf Coast Countries and South America.

The Daily Scholar


The Daily Scholar (TDS) creates a unique space for you to share interesting information and news articles, create original opinion editorials, and debate hot topics. TDS values your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs while inviting you to share them in a cogent and engaging manner. Comments have been disabled in this first version to encourage you to engage in more meaningful dialogue with other users. If you disagree with someone, you can write an article on the same topic or debate the author of any article.

21 Vision Education, LLC


21 Vision Education is a company that provides training and support to schools and businesses to meet the needs of a younger generation. Specific trainings involve technology integration programs for schools, design thinking strategies for product development, resource distribution, and creative problem solving.

I Pour Life


I Pour Life is a non-profit that provides a "hand-up" to end poverty globally and locally. We believe in equipping individuals with the tools to become sustainable which in turn brings dignity to their entire family. We do this locally in Springfield, Missouri with our Life Strengths program, as well as in Ethiopia and El Salvador with the 10x10 Sustainability program.

Sky Net Now


Sky Net Now is a solid state device that measures events like wind events in near real time on a grid layout via mechanical stress induced on vertical structures like a pole or tower (earth bound, vertical cantilever beam). The device's "Real Time" Data quickens warnings and tracks events as they happen faster then radar and nearer to the earth.

Sprocket LLC


Enabling over-comers through technology. We integrate telecommunications platforms throughout the B2B and B2G space. We free up employees so they can be out in the field interacting with the public rather than chained to a desk. Making governments and public safety quicker and more responsive to their constituents and business more profitable. Our two GPS Fleet Tracking and Management platforms are ruralfirst.com and sprocketfleet.com. With RuralFirst are working with local public safety agencies to enable faster response times to emergencies in rural areas and better utilization of tax payer funds. Through SprocketFleet we work with commercial and non-profit entities to solve issues they cannot find solutions to. Whether that is tracking assets around the globe or ensuring students aren't left on buses.

Made for Freedom


When it comes to fashion, we enjoy our creative style - and when we encounter injustice, we desire action. Made for Freedom is part of a global movement passionately seeking a world without human trafficking. Our socially conscious customers participate in providing justice for oppressed groups of people. Made for Freedom showcases individual style through unique apparel that funds the fight against trafficking and restoration of survivors.

The Uninsured Wingman Multi-Sport Harness


A company that maufactures and provides a harness for therapy and recreation. The harness is a truncal support harness for gait and support improvement in special needs individuals. For recreational it has bike, skateboard, and fitness functions. We are considering hunting applications currently as well.

Field Link


FieldLink makes it easier for today’s farmer to streamline the farm management process through intuitive web and mobile applications. FieldLink is a farmer’s mobile assistant to help manage operations, and save time by delivering tasks, reports, prescriptions, and notifications from anywhere to any team member in the field.

Sweet Girl Bath and Body


At Sweet Girl, we make all-natural, bath and body products right here in Springfield, MO. No preservatives, nothing artificial, and safe for your entire family. We make products that make you feel good that you can feel good about using; including an all-natural aluminum-free deodorant that really works! Although we are a new start-up business, we seek to find all natural stores throughout the United States, Canada, and online that will carry our products. We would like to gain the experience of presenting our business to investors, entrepreneurs, and other area businesses to help us grow our business and be better prepared to scale in near future.

Make It Easy Autos


Make It Easy Autos is a performance-based website wherein dealers pay for sales, not leads. With our cost-per-sale model, the dealer only pays if a sale occurs. The alignment of incentives in this model motivates us to deliver the highest quality leads possible – consumers who are ready to buy. This approach puts all the risk on us but, it also gives us the opportunity to sign up every dealer in America. Signing up every dealer gives us a marketing platform that will be unrivaled by our competition.



Whiteboard is a task and project management application that helps you focus on what matters most in your day, whether it be collaborating with clients and colleagues on projects at work or managing to-dos at home. We're looking to introduce ourselves to your community and find some potential beta testers and users for when we launch this summer.

PT Gardens is a “farm-to finish-product” company. Through our authentic line of finishing salts, sauces, herbs, and spices, the quality of our product dances across your tongue. Paying homage to superior farmed products, we meticulously build the depths of flavors from the soil up with organic, no-till practices. Our family company has harnessed the natural full flavors of properly grown produce to offer a delicious, natural, and healthy line of condiments.

Incredible Thrift


Incredible Thrift gives jobs to Homeless / At Risk youth directly off our streets. We help these youth become strong and independent through the application of critical principles like Habits, Integrity, Giving Back and the development of a Clear Life Purpose (detailed goals). We also teach our youngsters a variety of job and life skills. When ready, we help place them into other jobs within the community. We do this through community business partners who hire our youth.

Kumon Math and Reading Center


Kumon is an after-school supplemental education program for math and reading. The math program concentrates on calculation skills from pre-K to calculus. The reading program begins with pre-reading skills and builds to high school level material with a focus on reading comprehension.

Cone Chips


We produce a dip-a-lishous snack food we call The Original ConeChips! They are crispy waffle cone chips dipped in a variety of different fine chocolates such as creamy dark, milk and white chocolate. They are topped with fresh dry roasted peanuts. We are looking to expand outside our local area and reach a larger market. We're back to share a great story about our company since presenting at 1MC!

Introducing a groundbreaking, patent pending, method of producing significant tone-quality enhancement to a wide spectrum of acoustic wood musical instruments. We are solving the problem of a lengthy preconditioning and break-in process of string instruments by using new digital technology. For example: 6 weeks use of the enhancer will equal 20 years of playing time. The first of its kind, we call it Hotwoodz!



P2Binvestor is the first and only social funding platform for receivables-backed lines of credit. We provide small businesses with necessary working capital by crowdfunding their receivables to investors on our website. P2Binvestor is disrupting the 136 billion dollar receivables finance market. Our platform is making it easier and more efficient for small businesses to get the working capital they need to grow.



Reachmodo provides an innovative web-based marketing platform that enables businesses and organizations in every industry to communicate with their audiences via text message, email, social media, and voice broadcast from one, easy-to-use portal. Reachmodo is based in Springfield, Missouri and serves clients both nationally and globally.

417 Rage Fitness


A lot of people feel like they don't have time to exercise or they feel intimidated in a gym. We created classes and workouts that can be done in 30 minutes or less! They are intense and effective. Our class atmosphere is very welcoming to new people. We would like to open a group fitness center in South Springfield and continue to grow our unique concept with a franchise model.



At BIOTEKT our goal is to be environmentally and economically sustainable. By using some of the earth's innate qualities combined with the latest advancements in composite engineering our innovative concepts and design provide access to a new construction paradigm. Our earth contact structures solve many problems of conventional building systems such as; environmental sustainability, heavy carbon footprint from heating and cooling, violent weather safety, speed of installation and high exterior surface maintenance costs.

Bar Cardio


Bar Cardio is an exercise studio designed for Baby Boomers, adults beginning their fitness program and anyone needing low impact exercise. We are a boutique studio for those who do not want to go to crowded gyms. You will enjoy the unique relaxed atmosphere, welcoming people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Benefits; improve balance, memory, cognitive skills and physical strength. Socializing is very important too, after class enjoy water to wine at the quaint bar in the lobby.



The technology foundation for your startup is a critical component and may impact the future of your business. Choosing the right tools and service provider can be a difficult choice and should not be solely based on cost. Microsoft BizSpark is a program to get the right tools and services into the hands of people who are trying to build amazing things. With BizSpark, you get professional-grade technology from Microsoft, free for three years.

JDon Product Design LLC


J-Don Product Design has designed and patented a exciting new product that may very well change the current fire and building codes we use today in our homes and commercial structures. Donald Chisholm along with his partner Jeff Pahlmann will also demonstrate how their product will save money on building materials and labor costs. Their product has been university tested and proved to be exponentially better than the current building code requirements to prevent fire from vertically spreading throughout a drywall structure.

RE-Axe Products LLC


We developed a unique support stand for both guitar stands, firearms, and canes and crutches. That are portable, durable and most importantly reliable. We create great products for everyday use and lifetime reliablity. Made right here in the USA.

Legal Leads


Are you Missouri based law firm that would like more of the right type of clients? Legal Leads is the best way for lawyers to attain new business! We crawl public records and filter leads in a daily email sent to you. We even create the personalized advertisement, so all you have to do is print. Our future plans include taking over the entire task of snail mailing for you!

Springfield BackOffice


SBO is a membership organization providing support services to small business and ministry leaders to make their life EASY and keep their business FUN! The concept is to expand an organizations staff on a contracted, as needed, month-to-month, pay as you go basis. We provide book keeping and small business consulting services, specializing in entrepreneurs with multiple ventures. It's all the benefits of a full time staff, without the fixed expense. We make your life EASY and keep your business FUN!



With the popularity of the shared office space growing, small business owners are in need of assistance in managing the day to day routine of several different entities housed under one roof. The solution is Covy, the all in one coworking management tool that includes a robust calendar, billing system, and communication tools. So you can spend more time collaborating and less time managing.Covy is a combination desktop software, mobile application, and kiosk for managing a shared office. Covy also integrates a shared credit system so tenants can visit shared spaces in other cities.

DaZZee Integrations provides core network infrastructure and managed services throughout southwest MO and northwest AR.

Springfield Parking Company


We provide valet parking, parking lot management and consulting in the greater Springfield Area including Branson. We also provide enforcement services for apartment complexes near MSU to ensure tenants have places to park. We also provide ancillary services such as waterless car washes for our valet parkers through my other company Metro Shine. Our primary focus is Valet parking and we are striving to expand our Valet service in our area.



4DSales is a tablet based (iPad and Windows 8) application developed for sales professionals by sales professionals with the expressed purpose of creating energy, conversation and professionalism in a sales call.

EveryEventGives, LLC


EveryTicketGives provides an easy way to sell event tickets online, and we give a portion of our fees – $0.50 for every ticket — to the charity of the event planner's choice. The company is run by successful entrepreneurs Sean Spence and Greg Wolff and is generating revenues. An advisory board of local heavyweights has been assembled to assist in building a company of national prominence.

A small Missouri based company which diversifies products and services across the drinking water and telecommunications industry. In particular Estech LLC holds a patent applied design on a magnetic bracketing system which enables owners of water towers to have a more optimum installation when cables and antennae are attached to the structures’ high-value coatings systems. Additionally, Estech LLC has spear-headed a solution for underwater video inspections given to structures owned by municipalities such as water towers and clarifiers. Estech LLC is also capable of rapid prototype design and production, well versed in a catalogue of materials sciences and has recently worked with the Special Operations community in mission critical solutions.

Nonprofit Toolbox


Nonprofit Toolbox is a Nonprofit’s all-in-one solution to streamline your website management, volunteer enrollment, email marketing, and donation contribution. Our mission is to improve every facet of the user experience. Including innovative nonprofit software that makes it easy to create a one-of-a-kind online identity, a user-friendly dashboard, and integrated tools to efficiently manage a non-profit business.

417-DIY Center


We are working to become a full DIY Center fulfilling wants, needs and dreams. We offer tools and equipment most people don't have access to or the space for, helping teach them how to do things themselves. We give people the opportunity to make, build, or create using their imagination with our tools and equipment anything in woodworking, metal crafting, or electronics, that they desire.

Panda Laundry Factory


Panda Laundry is the Ford assembly line for wash-and-fold. It executes high volume output at greatly reduced unit costs. Basically, you get your laundry done faster and cheaper than doing it yourself.



eSSETS is a Cloud-based Asset Management: Software-as-a-Service for managing facilities, equipment and other assets throughout their lifecycle. We specialize in leveraging the collaborative capability of the cloud to facilitate efficient work flow and information sharing between entities.

One Card™ is the standard for digital business cards that works on Smartphones, Tablets and computers with NO APP required. One Card™ creates a digital hub where your customers can pick and choose how they connect with you. For example, you can list your standard contact information, a video introduction, a bio telling a little more about yourself, all of your social networks in one place and an info center, which allows you to create a digital brochure.

Jumpsix marketing


Jumpsix is a digital marketing agency that specializes in the Google display network. It is a powerful digital marketing tool that many businesses can utilize as a part of their marketing budget. We specialize in putting together campaigns that effectively develop sales leads/customers for our clients.

Sunny Bunny Easter Eggs


Now in its sixth season, Sunny Bunny Easter Eggs continues with exceptional growth. What began as a concept to provide employment opportunities for community members with specific abilities, blossomed into a sustainable business. Sunny Bunny sold 2.8 million eggs during the first season and last year topped out at over 9 million. Sunny Bunny is a program of SWI Industrial Solutions. SWI offers meaningful employment to individuals with developmental disabilities.

RAW Marketing


RAW Marketing is a full-service marketing firm that specializes in social media, email, online & mobile marketing. Social media & mobile marketing is one of the newest & most innovative types of marketing that a business or non-profit can successfully utilize in today’s world to effectively market & brand their organization. Social media & mobile marketing is at the core of innovative services offered by RAW Marketing.

The App Pros, LLC


The App Pros is a software company specializing in mobile app development. We develop apps for all platforms (iPhone/iPad, Android phones/tablets, etc.). We also develop custom software applications for web or desktop use. In addition, we offer consulting services and help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market.

Circle of Denim


We are a name brand clothing resale store similar to a Plato's Closet. In addition to reselling gently used name brand clothing in the store, we also sell jeans through convenient stores, sell custom repaired denim online, and repair denim in the store.

Metro Shine Company is a national car washing company which will show up and wash your car with some detailing anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Our service is waterless so we don't impact the parking facility, or the waste water retention areas. We've already got big contracts in major cities, and we're looking to the 1MC community for ideas on how to expand next.

B-Jet Products


B-Jet Products Inc. assembles and markets an innovative subflooring/underlayment product - Tyroc. Tyroc Subflooring is a 100% green, dual panel system made from magnesium oxide, recycled tires, and plastic bottles. We're looking to expand our product application with new certifications, and we'd love to hear what the 1MC community thinks!

High Impact Metrics


We help multiple location businesses achieve optimum business results by ensuring their teams SEE, UNDERSTAND and ACT on their performance data. High Impact Metrics are the ideal combination of data visualization, web collaboration, and data driven critical thinking. Our tools are effective and actionable, and produce results that businesses can count on. At 1MC, we hope to promote greater awareness of the performance potential that is possible when using this approach to business management.

Copper Run Distillery


Copper Run is a small batch distillery in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. As the first legal post-Prohibition era distillery, we're pioneering new processes ideas in distillation and spirit production. We make two moonshines, a spirit whiskey and a rum. Both are made in a copper still in the middle of the woods - it doesn't get much more authentic than that.

Falling Feathers Game Calls


At Falling Feathers Game Calls, we produce the best waterfowl calls in the market. We have spent years on designing, research development, and product testing to accomplish our goals. We take pride in our quality, customer service and affordability. We believe diversification is key. We are beginning a new phase in our company that will accomplish total in-house manufacturing of our product from start to finish. We will also be able to manufacture product for other call manufacturers.

ii Properties


ii Properties is improving Springfield 1 home at a time. Our focus is to purchase vacant and distressed homes in Springfield and surrounding areas. We also rehab each home to a high standard, which improves home values and city taxes. Traditional funding has changed a lot the last seven years, and we aim to assist families that do not qualify for traditional funding. We are not a rental company; We are the new source for home ownership. We are looking for feedback on how we can speed up the processes and tweak our system, and strong funding partners so we can expand into other areas.



CellARide is paving a new path for individuals and dealerships attempting to sell their vehicle the old fashion way. CellARide mobilizes the sales process by providing an intuitive text message based platform to facilitate a less threatening format to sell cars, trucks, boats, RV's and more. Don't just park it, MARKET with CellARide.com!

EasyAid Inc.


EasyAid is a healthcare software startup creating tech-based solutions for sustainable and accessible care. Backed by Tim Draper and working out of his new incubator, Hero City, EasyAid is developing a communication platform between patients and providers that allows patients to have access to their doctor(s) anywhere and physicians to more efficiently deal with patient requests than emails and triage calls with the opportunity to be reimbursed.

Alitin, Inc.


Alitin Exchange is a Wall Street style industry grade trading platform for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Our exchange will connect buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies with advanced controls and analytics, and with military grade security. We will also provide a secure virtual wallet service for storage and funds management. We also seek to improve and expand public perception of the cryptocurrency market with a best-in-class, secure, and compliant marketplace for trading and management of virtual funds on an industry and/or private level.



RefineM is a project management and process improvement consulting and training company. Our mission is to help organizations turn their project management capability into a competitive advantage. Studies show that more than 11 million project managers will be needed by 2020, studies also show that 70% of the projects fail. On one hand demand for project management is increasing, on the other hand there is not enough capability to support it. That’s where RefineM can make a difference, narrow the gap.

Harvest 2 Oasis growing systems Inc.


Manufacturing and distributing ultra high efficiency, sustainably produced plant growing containers and growing systems. The one and only Truly self watering plant containers Made in America! - Meaning, the very first of its kind to ever harvest, collect and manage moisture (passively) for delivery on demand, directly to the plant root zones!)



At Ozarks Entertainment we provide products and services for all your party rental needs. From casino games to catering, valet parking and party rooms. You tell us the amount of people coming and your dream party, we provide you with the rented equipment and booked services! We have now added a photo booth and Hollywood style spotlights to our services as well. Talk about the red carpet treatment!



ShopSee is working to develop the first location based social shopping application that will allow users to shop the world around them, and earn rewards for sharing the products they use daily. We aim to eliminate the frustration of seeing that killer pair of shoes on someone at the coffee shop, but never being able to find out where you can buy them.

Project JOMO Storm Room Associates


Storm shelters for our community are no longer a want , but a need. The production of a Project JOMO shelter or safe room are a combination of long-time work experience, “off the shelf” fabrication technologies, industrial partners and charitable organizations.

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